Sinusitis Treatments

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Research has suggested that the number of people who are suffering from sinusitis is enormous and that most of them use over the counter medication to address this. These medications will usually give you the relief for a short duration and you are back to the same point and this has led patients to consult their ENT specialists at Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center for other solutions. Earlier in the days chronic sinusitis was treated by having invasive surgery so as to open up sinuses that have blocked or are narrow but in the present day there are better solution such as balloon sinuplasty that is less invasive. An ENT specialist will perform the balloon sinuplasty which is less intrusive by inserting a very tiny nasal balloon so as to unblock the sinus passages. One exciting thing about balloon sinuplasty is the procedure usually take a maximum of one hour and you are able to recover very fast. Balloon sinuplasty has become the most popular type of sinus surgery performed as research has shown that it is the best solution to sinusitis treatment.

The procedure is very simple and it can be carried out in an outpatient setting under general anesthetic as no incisions are made or no cutting is involved. The popularity of balloon sinuplasty has been contributed by increasing rates of successful procedures while the complication associated with the procedure are very minimal. There are numerous advantages of balloon sinuplasty as opposed to the traditional sinus procedures that were mostly used to treat chronic sinuses.

Chances of bleeding from balloon sinuplasty procedure are greatly reduced since a device is inserted to unblock any blocked passages and the procedure does not involve any incisions being made. Another important benefit of this procedure is that the duration that you will take to recover is very short when compared to the traditional sinus procedures. With balloon sinuplasty you do not have to take any post operative medications as it is a very safe procedure with very minimal discomfort and you will get back to your normal activities after a day. There is no scarring if you have the balloon sinuplasty procedure since it does not require any cutting or incisions being made so no glaring scars are left behind.

If you are experiencing chronic sinusitis the best decision is to research on possible solutions as not taking care of such a problem will lead to other health-related issues. Talking to your doctor will be a good idea as he will be in a position to tell you if you are a candidate to have the balloon sinuplasty in order to book your appointment. It is important to understand how much it will cost you to get the procedure done as insurance companies do not cover such procedures. See page to learn more about ballon sinuplasty:


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